Food Aid

There is still an economic crisis in Russia and Eastern Europe. We are helping to alleviate suffering for thousands. SHAMIR provides

  • Soup kitchens
  • Hot lunches for schoolchildren
  • Meals on wheels for the homebound
  • Monthly care packages


Medical Assistance

There are not nearly enough physicians and hospitals to serve the population of the Former Soviet Union. Health care is critical. SHAMIR provides

  • Medical clinics
  • Prescription drugs
  • Sick visitation
  • Invalid assistance


The Ultimate Kindness

State-sponsored cremation is the norm for the Jews of Russia, because traditional Jewish burial can easily cost a year’s salary. SHAMIR is there to provide dignity and consolation for the Jews of eastern Moscow in their moment of need.


Community Building

To alleviate alienation and despair, SHAMIR brings people together through

  • Community centers
  • Holiday celebrations
  • Cultural events
  • Clubs for youth and seniors
  • Cross-cultural conferences


Children’s Programs

To educate a child is to secure a Jewish tomorrow. Reversing assimilation must start with the youth. SHAMIR provides

  • Orphan outreach
  • Kindergarten
  • Sunday school
  • Day school
  • Heritage programs
  • Summer camp




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