The Problem

The great Russian Aliya provided Israel with a professional force of elite scientists and technicians. They could have turned Israel into a technological superpower, but they weren’t given the chance. Now, Russian immigration has slowed to a trickle because there are not enough decent jobs. Physicists and electronic engineers can be found sweeping floors in Jerusalem.

The Solution

SHAMIR is dedicated to reversing this trend, fighting ‘brain drain’ and building futures. Leading the way is Prof. Herman Branover, renowned physicist and ‘refusenik’ who heads Ben Gurion University’s Dep’t. of Magnetohydrodynamics and has directed SHAMIR since 1972.

Our Free Immigrant Employment Center in Jerusalem has served over 10,000 clients with such services as:

  • Vocational counseling
  • Finding suitable openings
  • Promoting immigrant employment
  • Securing appointments
  • Preparing for interviews
  • Job retraining

The Results

  • Thousands of professional placements and therefore thousands of families successfully settled.
  • Five industrial enterprises, including high-tech companies, initiated by SHAMIR have employed 400 recent immigrants.
  • Among the most successful is SATEC, the SHAMIR Advanced Technology and Engineering Center in Jerusalem, which has markets its state-of-the art multi-phase power meters that prevent power grid crashes and conserve energy.


Free vocational consultation at SHAMIR

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